Is the 10ml vape industry on life support?

It’s safe to say that short-fill products love them or loathe them have been a significant disruptor in the UK vaping market, with some companies even folding due to a business plan based on the short-fill or 10ml market.

In a recent article published in Vapouround Magazine – one writer hit the nail on the head in their analysis of the zero-nicotine situation. For the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to remove them from listing and discourage notification is nonsensical.

We work with almost 300 manufacturers, several have made it clear that some short-fill flavours just aren’t the same when produced in 10ml and vice versa. Here at Adact we operate a royalty scheme and we are happy to report that 10ml is still alive and kicking, particularly in budget and gourmet vape so don’t give up hope just yet! If the product is correctly positioned – it will sell.

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