New Style Classified Listed Products (CLP) from December 2018.

      The relevant classifications for mixtures can be calculated based on the rules for classifying substances and mixtures set out in the CLP regulation. For nicotine, the specific concentration limits/ATEs included in the new harmonised classification for nicotine and the relevant information for any other substances in the mixture that would contribute to… View Article

General Product Safety and Short Fill Products

Dai Davis, Solicitor and Chartered Engineer Introduction General product safety is of fundamental importance to every business. In the worst case scenario, the very viability of a business can be at stake. The European Union has long had product-specific safety legislation. Since 1992 it has had more general safety legislation designed to “sweep-up” any products… View Article

Reflection of Vape Expo 2018

Earlier this month (4th-6th May) Adact attended Vaper Expo UK. It was fantastic for all of us at Adact to spread our message of e-cigarette safety and compliance and to also network with the vaping industry, sharing knowledge and chatting with members of the industry about vaping product regulation. We came away with a significant number of… View Article

Is the 10ml vape industry on life support?

It’s safe to say that short-fill products love them or loathe them have been a significant disruptor in the UK vaping market, with some companies even folding due to a business plan based on the short-fill or 10ml market. In a recent article published in Vapouround Magazine – one writer hit the nail on the head in… View Article

The UKVIA announce Robert and Damien of Adact to the Executive Board and Standards Committee

Adact Medical Ltd is delighted to announce that Robert Sidebottom, Managing Director of Adact Medical has been appointed member of the Executive Committee and Damien Bove, Chief Regulatory Officer of Adact Medical has been appointed a member of the Standards Committee at the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA). The UKVIA is the country’s trade industry body… View Article

Round up of #VApril

The VApril challenge was created with one objective in mind – to encourage smokers to quit through vaping. The VApril Challenge team and Action on Smoking and Health 2017 estimate that 1.5m UK smokers can quit through vaping. Backed by everyone’s favourite doctor, Dr Christian Jessen – he joined forces with the UK Vaping Industry… View Article

Zero Nicotine Regulation and Notification – Zero Expert

Short-fill this Short-fill that! Zero nicotine products predominantly ‘Short-Fill’ liquids remain a significant disrupter to the UK and European vaping industry. As industry professionals we all aware zero nicotine products fall out of the scope of TPD / TRPR but do fall under the General Products Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR). Section 5 (General safety requirement)… View Article

Adact Primary Authority Partnership – Boosting Productivity and Compliance

We often receive calls from our clients who have been challenged by regional trading standards bodies regarding their interpretation of the UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) which implemented the TPD in the UK. The trading standards bodies across the UK often interpret the regulations in different ways which results in confusion, stress… View Article

Short-Fill (UK) Regulations – Are You Ready?

Short-Fill products are a hot topic with many UK retailers making increased profits selling Short-Fill and nicotine shot kits, rather than TPD 10ml multiple bottles. The unfortunate misconception is that Short-Fill products operate outside of regulation and therefore manufacturers don’t require the expense or delays of testing and submission. 0% nicotine (Short-Fill) liquids are regulated… View Article

Success for Adact Medical as they start new partnership with Vapouround Magazine

Starting the New Year with success – Adact Medical have been announced as Vapouround Magazine’s preferred provider for compliance services. Adact Medical will now be writing regular articles for Vapouround Magazine and answering readers’ questions on TPD related issues. To celebrate this new partnership, Adact Medical are giving away a free advertising page inside Vapouround… View Article