Many vape companies are selling CBD in the market place. It’s worth remembering CBD is covered by wide-ranging regulations.

eLiquid testing, ensuring your products comply with TPD legislation. ELIQUID TESTING
CBD testing, make sure you’re covering the legal aspects of CBD. CBD TESTING
Short-fill testing, assessment for in-use-safety under the GPSR 2005. SHORT-FILL TESTING
Device testing, here to help and guide you through the process. DEVICE TESTING
Pre-Marketing Tobacco Application, is your brand PMT ready? PMT Application
Central Poisons Registration, Do you sell in Europe? Poisons Registration


Here are some principle legal aspects of CBD:

  • It is not illegal in the UK.
  • You are not allowed to make any medical claims, unless you apply for a medical licence.
  • THC (the illegal component) must be below 0.2% for industrial use.
  • Finished products are covered by the Controlled Drugs Act 1985; levels must be below 1mg in the final product.
  • The Foods Standard Agency says that levels must be below 0.2% for finished food product. This contradicts the Controlled Drugs Act, so this is a grey area.
  • It’s not legal to use isolate for products for oral consumption; distillate/oil-based products should be used.
  • Products are covered by GPSR 2005 and thus require a toxicology assessment in addition to having an emissions test conducted.


At this first stage, we will send you a quotation. Once you have enlisted our services, we will email the following documents:

  • Recipe workbook for e-liquids
  • E-liquids packing form
  • Client information sheet
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) *

* We appreciate that Flavour recipes are unique to businesses, which is why clients are requested to sign a NDA to safeguard products and provide peace of mind.


Secure your testing by making a 50% deposit if the order is over £3,001, or full payment if under £3,000. Next complete the recipe workbook, which asks for the:

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Flavour name
  • Flavour code (this will be on the order form from your supplier)
  • Percentage of concentrate

If you require any help or information about this, please contact the team on 01302 986088. Once completed, email it to support@adactmedical.com.

Next, complete the E-liquids packing form, place your samples into a polythene bag and post in a bubble/padded envelope to ADACT Medical Ltd, 3 Nelson Street, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5AD. Our Formulator will check each recipe to see if the formulations contain any banned ingredients. If they don’t, we will then carry out testing and analysis to establish if your products contain any of substances prohibited under TPD.  If they do, we will advise you to re-formulate the recipe before sending new samples for testing.


Apply for a Submitter ID from the EU-CEG portal, or we can do this on your behalf – this information is essential for any business filing for TPD submission. Alternatively, if your company is based outside the EU, we know exactly what documentation you will need to prove your business is a legal entity.


After testing, our experts will check the emissions data to ensure everything is as it should be. It is only then that we can proceed to the next stage.


We can help you set up a European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) account. This will give you access to the Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens, which is the portal for uploading XML files.

Once we have compiled all your XML files, we will send you a Presentation report to check all the data is correct. After the report is approved, the remaining 50% of the invoice is due for payment (if it was over £3,001).


We will then make your submissions to e-TrustEx, a secure platform for exchanging documents. We will also generate your European Community Identification Number (EC-ID) that is specific to your e-liquid. This is then listed on the MHRA website, which confirms the necessary standards have been met. The MHRA will then send you an invoice for their fees. If your product will be notified outside the UK, we will direct you towards the country-specific portal.


Once your notification has been published on the MHRA website, you can launch your product in the UK.

TPD testing & analysis explained

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